An online Poker Night
as a team event



Surprise your team with an exciting poker game including game explanation.

No previous knowledge necessary.

Provided by PokerAcademy 


How does it work?

Before the event


  • You tell us how many people will participate in the event.
  • The invitation including the explanation of the game will be sent.
  • The online poker tables will be prepared and you as the organizer will receive all links.


The Poker Night


  • Your guests arrive on Zoom, MS Teams or any other online tool, welcome and introduction to the topic.
  • Moving to the online poker table.
  • Training games until everyone feels confident with the rules.
  • The poker tournament is started, after approx. 2-3 hours the award ceremony incl. farewell follows.
  • Who wants, can play afterwards independently further.


After the event


  • You will receive photos (screenshots) of the most exciting game situations.
  • The winners will receive their prize digitally.


A lot of fun + new learnings

Brain research shows that content acquired through playing is remembered in the long term, making us more creative and successful.


What poker trains


  • Logical thinking and acting
  • Interpretation of Bodylanguage
  • Patience and self-discipline
  • Dealing positively with wrong decisions


At your request, we will start the event already in the afternoon with a workshop where business topics can be covered.


Possible focus topics


  • Mindfulness: Am I consciously paying attention to myself and my team?
  • Negotiation technique: How do I specifically proceed in difficult negotiations?
  • Motivation: How do I motivate myself and my team for the goals of my company?
  • Manipulation: How do I best protect myself against it?
  • Learning to lose: Why and where exactly does it hurt and how do I deal with this feeling in the future?


Anyone who understands the art of approaching problems in a playful manner can defuse practically any critical situation with good power of observation and a feeling for correct actions.



Our prices vary depending on the date and duration of the event. We offer Business Poker Workshops and Poker Individual Coaching only after clarifying the needs and goals of our clients by phone.


Ask for an offer

€ 550

per table of max. 10 persons, for max. 90 minutes, incl. prizes for the winners

€ 750

per table of max. 10 persons, for a whole evening, including prizes for the winners

from € 950

With Business Poker content, specifically tailored to the needs of your team

from € 80

Per individual coaching session/hour, for advanced players

The organizers


Focus topics: Values, poker strategies in everyday life, negotiation techniques

Focus Topics: Body language, poker strategies

«The game is the highest form of research.»
Albert Einstein